Tuning Workshop

KVS offers expert tuning, repair and maintenance services for all of your ski and snowboard gear. Our team has season upon seasons of experience using world-class Montana machinery and traditional hand-tuning techniques to keep your equipment optimized for your “best day ever”.

Skiing on poorly tuned skis or a snowboard not only limits your enjoyment on the snow but also can be dangerous. To ensure the best possible performance of your skis and board we have invested in the latest technologies from Montana.

Bring your equipment into KVS and we will assess what service is required. If the bases are in good condition and only the edges need sharpening then consider the “Crystal Edge & Infra-red Wax” service. Your skis or snowboard will be passed across our Montana Crystal Edge Robot to bevel the edges, take off the rust and burrs for edging perfection. Wax is then applied using our Montana Infra-red Waxer that allows hot waxing of skis and boards without touching the base with an iron. It exceeds the absorption of wax as per traditional methods of ironing and allows for far better base penetration.

If your skis or snowboard have hit a few too many rocks then consider a Full Service. With the “Full Service” not only do you get an ‘Crystal Edge & Infra-red Wax’ service, but we include hand P-Texing of the base to fill up those scratches. Your skis or snowboard will be passed across our Montana Crystal Glide stone grinder to level your base, remove excess P-Tex and create base structure to ensure optimal gliding across the snow. The end result is a perfectly tuned base structure and edge and wax that will leave your skis or snowboard looking and feeling brand new again.


Brush Wax – $20.00
Infra-red Hot Wax – $40.00
Infra-red Race Hot Wax – $60.00

Edge Tuning

Crystal Edge Tune & Infra-red Hot Wax – $80.00

Base Grinding

Full Service – Crystal Glide Base Grind with Linear Structure, P-Tex Base Repair, Crystal Edge Tune & Infra-red Hot Wax
Skis – $110.00
Snowboard – $130.00

Ski Binding Mount

New Ski Binding Mount – $70.00
Binding Re-Mount & Hole Plugs – $80.00